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Just ask the people who know… our patients. They’ll tell you that seeing the right dentist is just as important as having a great doctor. With the right dentist, you get the benefits of oral health, the confidence of a killer smile, and a gentle, painless technique you would expect from an expert dentist. Our patients will also tell you that

Dr. Kaady is that dentist.

Dr. Kaady is a dentist whose primary concern is what matters most — improving and maintaining your oral health. So read why our patients rank Bridgetown Dental clinic as number one among Portland dentists, and then schedule a visit.

We’re located in the heart of St. Johns, just off the freeway and minutes to almost anywhere in Portland and Vancouver, Washington.

The best experience you’ve ever had at the dentist will happen right here at Bridgetown Dental.

From teeth cleaning to cosmetic dentistry, Bridgetown Dental clinic offers a level of care that makes other Portland dentists blush. Bridgetown Dental continuously strives to be number one among all dentists, Portland Oregon, Vancouver and beyond.

We believe that Bridgetown Dental clinic dentists are the best Portland Oregon has to offer. We proudly provide a wide range of general dentistry services including dental implants, crowns, sedation dentistry, composite fillings, inlays and onlays, fixed bridges, and mercury-free tooth-colored fillings. We also offer emergency care treatment that is the best in the business.

Arguably the best dentist in Portland, we at Bridgetown Dental strive to make you feel as comfortable as possible during dental work. With a range of services from pediatric dentistry to cosmetic dentistry, we have the ability to solve any dental issue you may bring to us in a courteous professional manner.

While patients can choose from a number of dentists, Portland based Bridgetown Dental is hands down the best option. Call or schedule an appointment today and find out for yourself

“What I enjoy most about my visits at BridgeTown Dental is the clean, modern and relaxed environment. I love that the staff knows and remembers me. I never feel like a stranger!” — John G.

“I am so thankful to Dr. Kaady's dedication to detail, his genuine concern for my oral health, and his professionalism. I will be a patient for years to come!” —Athena D.

“My experience at Bridgetown Dental was exactly what you hope to expect when visiting the dentist. It is welcoming and comfortable. I was apprehensive to go to the dentist because it had been such a long time and I couldn't have asked for a better experience! I will continue to see Dr. Kaady and recommend him to all of my friends and family.” — Gina A.

”Once, my parents were visiting from out of town, and my dad popped a crown that had been done by a shoddy dentist elsewhere. We called Bridgetown to see if they could, by chance, get my dad in. Dr. Kaady had already closed up the shop for the day, but Dr. Kaady actually came back, opened up again, and did an emergency repair that was actually better than the original. It was great!“ — Ryan D

“BridgeTown Dental is the BEST, take it from someone who used to work in Dental offices. I pay cash, I don't have insurance, and the pricing is very reasonable compared to the dental offices I've worked in. I got a cash discount on my root canal, and was even able to pay the balance over a couple payments. ” — Christina B

“I have put in over $15k of work into my mouth in the last twelve years and I wish I had done it all with Dr. Kaady because he is having to re-do some of the bad work done at the Lake Oswego dentist. The staff is also very warm and welcoming and treat each person as if they were family. I highly recommend Dr. Kaady.” — Anonymous

“Bridgetown dental is a first class operation. The technology is very impressive. You get to see your teeth on a computer screen from the chair and get a detailed explanation of your treatment. Dr. Kaady is smart, super cool, and does an all around outstanding job. If you need a dentist, do yourself a big favor and go to Bridgetown dental.” — Edward K

“Best dentist and staff in Portland! I'm a 3 year patient of Dr. Kaady's office. Finally a dentist office that actually "listens" to their patients and coordinates the best treatments and technology available within your budget, without "scalping" you for every penny. I highly recommend him to anyone!” — John M

“He's really excellent with kids (he has two young ones of his own), and makes what could be a scary experience (lots of strange lights and sounds) into a really fun experience (cool kids sunglasses to wear in the chair, good toys for good girls and boys, and - to our daughter's delight - princess toothbrushes).” — Ryan D