Emergency Dentist Portland

YOW! ITS HURTS! Let Us Help, 24 Hour Emergency Dentist Portland.

Emergency Dental Care Portland Oregon

Contact us anytime for fast emergency dental care. We work with virtually all insurance providers, no emergency is too large or too small. 


When it comes to a dental emergency in Portland, experience and an immediate response time are vital.  Whether it’s a phone call for advice and a prescription, or a serious situation requiring an emergency dentist, Portland always depends on Bridgetown Dental as the premier emergency dental Portland clinic of choice.  If you have a dental crisis and need treatment for a dental emergency  Portland can count on Bridgetown Dental to be open after hours including weekends and holidays.  Whether it’s broken teeth, a swollen jaw, damaged crowns and bridges, or other situations that require immediate attention, emergency dental Portland services are provided by Bridgetown Dental clinic with the utmost care in an immediate, timely manner. 

Due to costs associated with emergencies, patients are oftentimes discouraged from seeing an emergency dentist, Portland area patients in particular.  At Bridgetown Dental clinic, we understand that emergencies arise and we are fully staffed to accommodate these special circumstances.    Our emergency services fees are typically lower to that of other practices, we offer payment plans to qualifying patients, and accept most insurance providers.

  When it comes to emergency dental Portland professionals, Bridgetown Dental is the way to go.