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Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Since this is our very first post on our new blog on our new Bridgetown Dental site, we thought we’d start with one of the most common questions we get from patients. Is teeth whitening safe?

While we generally believe that, when used and performed as directed, modern whitening systems are safe for use, it’s also important to note that tooth sensitivity is common and that if you had other cosmetic work performed you may need to make some adjustments.

Not All  Teeth Whiteners Are Alike

Not all teeth whitening systems are created equal. Over-the-counter products can cause harm to teeth and gums whereas our take-home whitening kits a more complex and safer whitening agent.

Will Whitening Strip My Teeth of Their Enamel?

Many people view whitening treatments as being the same as they were years ago: harsh chemicals that used abrasive materials to literally scrub at the surface of the teeth in an attempt to gain back lost whiteness and brilliance. However, technology and science have made tremendous strides in recent years, and we’re no longer subjected to such harsh treatment when it comes to whitening our teeth.

The intricate chemical blends found in whitening gels and liquids work to neutralize stains on your teeth. They do not “scrub” them away, and they do not cover them up, either. They simply react with the compounds that make up the stains themselves to break them up and reveal a fresh, white smile.

Will Whitening My Teeth Make Them More Sensitive?

Since chemical whitening agents react with stains at their core, which is actually inside the top layers of the teeth, it is perfectly normal to experience sensitivity immediately following a whitening procedure, especially one that has been done professionally, since those procedures are more heavy-duty and longer lasting than an over-the-counter strip or tray.

If you are doing the procedure from home, just be sure to follow the instructions to the letter, and do not leave the product on longer than is recommended, even if you feel you are not experiencing any sensitivity, as the effects can come on after the process has been competed.

Are Older People More at Risk When it Comes to Teeth Whitening?

The only difference between old and young teeth is just that: age. As the body grows older, everything on the body – teeth included – will become more prone to sensitivity and discoloration. While everyone is different, there is no evidence that whitening procedures are any less safe depending on age.

Will Whitening Procedures Damage any Dental Work I Have Had?

There is no reason, if done correctly and carefully, for a whitening procedure to harm existing dental work. However, crowns, veneers, and the like can be effected by the whitening process. Since they are inorganic, non-living things, they will not respond to the whitening agents the same way that regular teeth will.

If you have your teeth whitened noticeably, chances are that you will have to have any implants or other dental work manually adjusted to match with your existing, whiter teeth.

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